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XMPP Notify Plugin

XMPP notify/control bot for Deluge 1.2.3


XMPP Notify

It requires twisted.words, twisted.names and wokkel library to be installed.


  • GTK and WebUI client interface
  • Notify on torrent finish
  • List current torrents
  • Add torrents from URL


  • list -- Lists all current torrents
  • down -- Lists downloading torrents
  • up -- Lists uploading(seeding) torrents
  • paused/queued -- Lists paused and queued torrents
  • url [download location] -- Adds new torrent


Notifier jabber account/password: Pre-registered jabber account for bot.

Users to notify: Line separated list of accounts to notify for events.

PS. When installing via WebUI it's needed to restart 'deluged' and 'deluge-web' after enabling but before configuring plugin.


Ideas/Feature requests

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Source Code