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RemoteNotify is a 1.1.x plugin to Notify you when Torrents have completed by sending an Instant Message to a configured Jabber ID. Also, it allows limited Remote Control of the Torrents with easy Jabber message commands.

RemoteNotify has core and webui components but no gtk.


  • Sends an Instant Message upon completion of any Download.
  • The status of all the downloads is updated every 10 seconds in the contact "away/status message bubble".
  • Only Buddies(Authorized JIDs) can send Deluge Commands to Bot.
  • It also has Mail Notifications implemented as a Core Plugin, since the included Deluge Mail Notification works only with the GTK UI on.
  • Status, Adding, Removing of Torrents by sending IM message commands.

IM Commands

  • status - Prints current status information about all downloading torrents
  • add [URL of Torrent] - Gets Torrent File from URL and starts downloading
  • del [Id of Torrent] - Deletes Torrent File with given Id (hash Id - the one shown in the status command)
  • help - This command


Installation & Configuration

Compile & Install Plugin

  1. Compile code
python bdist_egg
  1. Copy plugin into deluge plugin directory ( usually ~/.config/deluge/plugins )
cp dist/RemoteNotify-0.1-py2.5.egg ~/.config/deluge/plugins/

Configure Jabber Account for the Bot

  1. Create a Jabber account for your Bot ( )
  2. Log on with your favourite IM Chat Application on both your and the Bot's accounts and manually authorize the Bot and viceversa. ( This isn't done by the plugin! ). Both Accounts should see the other one as online. Only Buddies(Authorized JIDs) can send Deluge Commands to Bot

Configure Mail Account for the Bot

  1. Create or use some existing mail account that offers an smtp service. I used gmail ( ).

Start & Configure the Plugin

  1. Start deluged & deluge webUI
  2. Enable RemoteNotify plugin ( using webui at http://yourdelugedomain/config/plugins </ the ajax theme doesn't have this )
  3. Enter The Account & Password for your Bots jabber and Email account & save. ( http://yourdelugedomain/config/remotenotify )
  4. Enter Notifier Email SMTP server. (For gmail use )
  5. Restart deluged. ( Sadly, this is necessary because of a weird Twisted Words bug )
  6. Have phun chatting with your Deluge Jabberbot

Any questions/bugs should be sent to the plugin forum:

Change Log

  • 0.1 - Initial release
  • 0.2 - Deadlock bugfix when notifying user of finished download.


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