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Pieces Plugin

Adds a tab to Deluge 1.2 (and higher) to allow the viewing of the status of each piece of a torrent. Supports both gtkui and webui (webui has slightly less functionality)

Current version is 0.5

Version 0.5 supports client/server (i.e. not "Classic") mode, and adds support for the webui. Webui mode only shows each piece's status and does not support any priority setting/display

Version 0.4 fixes a segfault bug when setting priorities for multiple pieces, allows more flexible piece selection (with Shift/Ctrl), and adds an option to always prioritize the first un-downloaded piece of a torrent.

Version 0.3 adds the option to select multiple pieces by dragging the mouse over them before setting the priority.

Version 0.2 adds a tooltip to show which piece the mouse is hovering over, and a right-click menu that allows the setting of priorities for individual pieces.


Pieces plugin for Deluge


View of the tab:

  • Todo: Add screenshot of piece tab

Piece # tooltip (shows piece priority in parens):

  • Todo: Add screenshot piece info tooltip on hover

Menu to set the priority for a piece:

  • Todo: Add screenshot piece priority popup menu


Please use the forum post:

Source Code