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Blocklist Plugin

Currently this plugin can handle PeerGuardian (text only), SafePeer and Emule lists.

Note: 7zip format files are not supported.

Generally PeerGuardian files come in 7zip format, so you'll need to extract them first and then feed Deluge the plain text file. Files may be specified as URL's to a website, the local filesystem, or a network host.

Example URL's

Unix URL's of a local file:


Windows URL's of a local file:


URL of a network (LAN/WAN) file:



The Deluge Team does not evaluate or endorse any specific blocklists anymore, however you can search the internet (e.g. blocklist url) to find and evaluate your own ones.

Multiple lists

When you import a new blocklist, the new IP's are combined with the previously loaded ones. The only way to clear it at the moment is by restarting deluge(d).