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AutoPriority Plugin

This plugin has the same functionality as the obsolete sequential download script.



It sets the files priorities of all torrents matching a specific label so that files which names come first in an alphabetical listing are downloaded first. The priority of files set to "Do Not Download" is not changed.


The amount of files set to "Highest Priority" and "High Priority" is configurable. This plugin depends on the Label plugin currently shipped with deluge. The Label plugin needs to be loaded first before activating AutoPriority.

To use AutoPriority for all non-labelled torrents, just leave "Preferences -> AutoPriority --> Label of torrents to process" setting blank.

To use AutoPriority for a label only, set a name to "Preferences -> AutoPriority --> Label of torrents to process" setting, then create a label and set your torrent's label to it.


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