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Installing Deluge on Mac OSX

A package is available for download


These instructions and portfile work on OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 & Lion 10.7 with Deluge 1.3.x. They also assume a clean install of OSX (no XQuartz, Darwine, Winebottler, or MacPorts / Fink installed).

This methodology is time consuming, but less error-prone for the uninitiated. It will take a few hours normally to download and compile along with using several gigabytes of disk-space.


Download and install:

  • Xcode from App Store
  • MacPorts (v2.0.3 as of writing)


There are two interface options when installing Deluge, one is to use X11, the other Quartz-GTK. X11 is the classic Linux interface, while Quartz-GTK uses the native OSX interface. The Quartz-GTK is faster and looks better but is a bit more error prone, so it is up to you.

Open Terminal (under Utilities) and all the following steps will be done from here.

X11 Interface

sudo port install deluge

Quartz-GTK Interface

sudo port install deluge +no_x11 +quartz 

Start Deluge

  1. Open Terminal, assuming port is in your path (/opt/local/bin)
  2. Start deluged daemon:
deluged-2.7 &
  1. Start deluge interface:
deluge-2.7 &

Optional Steps

GTK Engines

To get a better looking interface, you can install gtk-engines2 (or others GTK engines) :

sudo port install gtk-engines2

Then set you preferred engine (clearlooks in this case, which is nice)

echo 'gtk-theme-name = "Clearlooks"' | sudo tee /opt/local/etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc


If you prefer english version (or any other language) you can launch deluge using the following:

export LANG=en_US && deluge-gtk-2.7 &

Or alternatively, you can use an alias (in your bash profile, zshrc...)

alias deluge='export LANG=en_US && deluge-gtk-2.7 &'


More details / help available on forums! in OSX Section and also in this thread which initiated that wiki page.